Delaware State Parks Guide- Pocket Ranger® App Reviews

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Up to date info on all locations & very, very handy when on the move! Awesome app!

Ok. But calendar is klunky.

If you select a future date it will show the events, but when you return after viewing event details, the list is for the current day's events instead of the date selected AND DISPLAYED. I am still working on the de state park GPS challenge.


I always thought "what if i forget where I parked". Now because of this awesome GPS map, i can drop a waypoint when i am at the location of parked car and save it and go back to it to find my car! Easy relaxed day of hiking for me!

Great app

Pocket Ranger opened a wide range of great activities and pin pointing every activity location all over the state of Delaware. Pocket Ranger given me, friends and family a chance to experience Delaware like we never thought we could. This app is amazing, Great download.

Great app

I really like the events listings.

Dont bother

App is completely useless and just features adds. Lets hope taxpayer money wasnt actually spent...

Must download!

This app puts everything an outdoor lover might need to know right in one spot. It has made hiking and camping so much easier. I highly recommend!

Nice way to find new parks

My wife and I enjoy finding new places to hike, and this app came in handy when we were looking for new parks to explore. The GPS map feature was also very handy and showed where we were on the trail we were hiking so we could see how far to the next turning point.

Super cool app!

This is a must download!!! Amazing app!

Download Now

New updates to the app are great! A lot more reliable than when it first came out. Awesome!

Doesn't work

The home screen is just a background image, you can't see the buttons. Hitting record froze the app. Only giving 2 stars because, if you can find the feature without any menu options, the GPS seems to work.


Here is what I like about this app. It features each state park uniquely, with updated calendar of events, great trail maps and gps. Other apps seem to unfairly lump all parks together and much of the parks identity gets lost. I think this was a great way to showcase the beauty of the individual State parks. Good job Delaware


Thanks for fixing. This app is great! Will use it a lot with the nice weather we're having.

Nice APP

Hit the beaches early this year, and found this app what a jewl . My kids and I did the trail tracking off the GPS featues marking our waypoints along the shore.. As we took a long walk it was great as we had misjudged where we had left our blanket. We remebered it was next to one of the way points where we had found a cool shell. Next time I am going to use to to mark where I parked my car!!! I checked out the Parks by me feature and found some interesting parks never knew existed. So we plan to hit tem next weekend. Nice Job

Has issues

Locks on updating content .. Fix is to delete the app/ reboot the iPhone/ re-install the app/ AND ALLOW 6 minutes to "update content" on wifi. It finally works now. Only gets 4stars due to this install issue that is not documented in the app description.


App keeps crashing and crashing. FIX IT!

No good

As the other say, doesn't load Too bad, looked like a great app Hopefully they'll address and fix soon


Cannot get passed updating content page. Please fix this.

Downloading content

That's all...

Doesn't work.

I can't get past the load screen. It just says downloading content and gets stuck.


Like Charlie Sheen says, this app is WINNING! I'm a major park goer, and love this app and all the other ones available for other states. The Pro version is awesome in its interaction... Friend Finder is a great tool, plus proceeds go to help maintain the parks.

Fabulous outside park too!

I got the pro version so I could trail track and see how far I'm riding my mtn bike - it is FABULOUS because I can see my distance on bike trails. I could only guess before I got this app! I have been using it out of State too so it works anywhere!!

Love it

I'm not even sure when I'll be getting to DE but having this app is so fun. I can discover what's going on in all different parks and decide if I want to plan a trip there or look into other states. I need more of these for the whole U.S. Love it. I'm sure the features will get better and better. User friendly environment. A park encyclopedia in your picket.

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